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FATDADDY Has been carrying top brands in eMotorized mobile products, including eBikes, eBoards, eScooters for since 2017.
Rapid growth in Europe with shops in the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain and Croatia.
FILIPACCHI The 1# actionsports store in NYC, located in the heart of Manhattan. They carry all the top brands in eMotorized mobile products, including eBikes, eBoards, eMotorcycles, Motorized Surfboards and Off-road Shredders! 
E-BOARDSTORE A dedicated reseller of electric skateboards and electric longboards based in Sweden. They sell brands such as: Inboard, Evolve, Koowheel, Elwing, Backfire, Onan, Riptide
ESKATING.EU Want to offer the best DIY electric skateboards and  parts in the fastest time possible. They sell fully assembled DIY electric skateboards but also Battery packs, Motors, Pulleys, Belts, Mounts, Controllers, Remotes, Wheels, Trucks, Lights, Accessories Etc.

E-SKATE KOMPANIET a physical location where people can test out different products for real, with a workshop that can handle most service issues, all run by people with real experience of the products that are sold.
HOBBEX.SE With a focus on electric power, we deliver the latest in modern urban transport so that you can travel quickly and in style to the vehicle that suits you best. We therefore sell the best and most unique electric bikes, e-scooters (powered kickbikes) and e-longboards from selected brands. 

ELECTRIC TRAFFIC An Urban Ease shop for small and portable eMobility vehicles. Electric Scooters, electric Longboards and much more. Portable Energy Goal Zero located in Berlin, Germany


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