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FILIPACCHI The 1# actionsports store in NYC, located in the heart of Manhattan. They carry all the top brands in eMotorized mobile products, including eBikes, eBoards, eMotorcycles, Motorized Surfboards and Off-road Shredders! 

THE ELECTRIC NOARDING COMPANY has a wide variation of collections, electric transport in all forms has never been more accessible. At EBC, they've managed to bring together various shapes, sizes and styles of electric transport including off-road & AT longboards, fat tire electric bikes & even underwater scooters. Their mission is to help everyone's next outdoor adventure be not just more sustainable, by creative & environmentally friendly in the process.

VOLTAIC MOTION is the West Coast’s premiere retailer of fine electric skateboards and personal mobility devices. Located on the Left Coast in California.


BEN BUCKLER BOARDS is a lifestyle brand that delivers quality products Australia wide. Paddle boards, electric skateboards and Super73. We started out in North Bondi making retro style, all-rounder paddle boards for surfing and cruising.
Pay them a visit when you're in Marrickville or Sydney, but they deliver Australia wide.


PHASER FPVhas now been operating for 5 years - With the largest FPV range in Australia, 5000+ products and employing 10 local staff members, we have the experience, & technical prowess that keep customers coming back time and time again.


ELECTROSKATEBOARDS.RU located in St. Petersburg. They carry a lot of the top brands in eMotorized mobile products and delivers all over Russia.



A UK based micro-mobility dealer and service founded in 2015. They offer a vast range of high-performance E-Scooters, Electric Unicycles, E-Bikes and Onewheel. Visit them at their London store for a test ride.

E-BOARDSTORE A dedicated reseller of electric skateboards and electric longboards based in Sweden. They sell brands such as: Inboard, Evolve, Koowheel, Elwing, Backfire, Onan, Riptide. Location Sweden.

ESKATING.EU Want to offer the best DIY electric skateboards and  parts in the fastest time possible. They sell fully assembled DIY electric skateboards but also Battery packs, Motors, Pulleys, Belts, Mounts, Controllers, Remotes, Wheels, Trucks, Lights, Accessories Etc. Location Italy.

ESKATE.SHOP for fellow enthusiasts. Our aim is to bring you parts at a fair price to keep you rolling. All taxes and duty pre-paid on imports so no hidden surprises. A business with focus on community not profit, supporting the scene you love. Location United Kingdom.

ELECTRIC TRAFFIC An Urban Ease shop for small and portable eMobility vehicles. Electric Scooters, electric Longboards and much more. Portable Energy Goal Zero located in Berlin, Germany

FATDADDY Has been carrying top brands in eMotorized mobile products, including eBikes, eBoards, eScooters for since 2017.
Rapid growth in Europe with shops in the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain and Croatia.
Size chart

We measure our upper body garments on the outer measurements.

Lower body at the bottom of the page.

How to measure

If you missed the heading:
We base the size chart on the outer measurements of the upper body garments.

True to size: 
In most cases you can choose the size you usually wear in a hoodie/jacket.
If you want to wear a sweater underneath, go up one size!

Example on size
Robin: 5'11(180cm) 187 lbs (85kg) = Wears a LARGE 
Mike: 5'5 (163cm) 140 lbs (63kg) 0 Wears a SMALL

a) Sizes smaller than XS will be produced on demand and takes up to 4-6 weeks to make and deliver.
b) Due to different fabrics (such as stretch) All sizes have up to 1 inch margin for error, as all our products are handmade.



True to size:
Choose the size you usually wear in jeans.

Measureyour waist and inside of your leg.
Example on size
Robin 26 y/o 5'11(180cm) 187 lbs (85kg)
Wears Waist 34 / Length 30



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