At this point in time we do not sell our products ourselves, but will open up sales online during the winter.

Authorized Resellers


A dedicated reseller of electric skateboards and electric longboards online, based in Sweden. They offer free shipping within Europe.


Based in Berlin, Germany. A reseller who actively rethinking your way to get around. Focus on Emobility, portable energy and cameras.


The first ever physical location dedicated to electric skateboards in Sweden. Other electric rides soon joined the skateboards, and it became what it is today.


Eskating is one large provider for the DIY scene in Europe. Here you can find parts and bundles to build your own, but also fully assembled.


What distinguishes Hobbex from other players is that they have a wide range of high end products in Sweden's most attractive shopping mall. They offer the opportunity to feel, listen and test the products.


Become an authorized reseller

Become a reseller

Mellowboards was visiting and e-boardstore joined. Stockholm, summer 2018.